Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beauty Review: 360 Skincare DMAE Firming Serum in Lavender Mint

In my January Glymm Box I received a sample of this product. It smells divine. The texture is thick like a body butter consistency if not thicker. I didn't expect serums to be this thick.

On first application, I found it hard to maneuver out of the jar on to my eye area. It was chunky, but to my surprise it melted away as I lightly massaged around my eyes in a circular motion. I thought it would be greasy due to the consistency. But surprisingly it was cooling due to the mint and lavender properties. Also my skin just soaked up the serum quickly. The serum leaves no sheen behind. It is a matte finish. On this first try I will apply makeup without primer to the eyelids and see how that goes.

At noon it has gotten a little greasy but my eye makeup hasn't smudged or creased.

My mascara was slightly smudged below my lower lashes. But that is typical for the beyond 12hr wear.

Overall I find this product to useful as a simple eyelid primer and eye cream in one. It doesn't sting my oh so sensitive eyes. I would definitely purchase this product when I run out of this sample from my January Glymm Box.

TaTa for now :)