Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beauty Review: LUSH Helping Hands

I received a sample of this hand cream while purchasing my daily skin care products.

It has a creamy consistency that melts into an oil once it is warmed with body heat. I find this product very greasy but very moisturizing. It made my cuticles look beautiful and makes my nails look like they've had a brand new manicure. 

The only thing that I don't like is the greasiness, it stains my clothes and that's not a good thing. I have to blot my hands with a paper towel or tissue before doing anything else just to soak off the excess. I find the smell puts me off, it smells like a stale hand lotion.

I think I would purchase this if I had chronic dry skin, which I do get really dry legs in the winter, so I might buy this and split it with a friend for the winter months. I do recommend this to be used at night after the shower on freshly shaved legs and wear a robe to avoid unpleasant grease stains on your clothes.