Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014/12-25 What I Got for Christmas

Hello All,
Long time no blog. I apologize as life has been hectic. But the good news is that I'm back with a What I Got for Christmas post.
Please note this blog post's intention was not intended for bragging. More for sharing what items I received as an inspiration to others and also to introduce and reviews the products. I am not being paid by the manufacturers, everything was purchased with my own money and/or was gifted by friends and family.

Not in any particular order but placed in groups:

First up is food & beverage. I received a bottle of Fat Tug IPA,
Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee Beans,
Adorable Animal shaped Macarons
 & Chocolate Covered Fruit.
 Also a lovely Owl mug from Starbucks.
 I was also gifted two gift cards to Tim Horton's,
I gotta have my Joe! As well as my favorite STASH Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea.
2) Fashion & Accessories. I was gifted a Fossil watch that I have wanted for some time now. I was super stoked when I opened the present. Thank you, it was very generous of the gifter.
I also purchased an Art Deco diamond ring for myself, as it has been a long year.I also received a pair of black Chelsea boots that are so gorgeous and comfortable to wear.
Also, a nice long sleeve retro Roots shirt in maroon/grey; super cute & old school with the beaver logo on it.
I can't find the correct photograph of the shirt. But it's like this one except the sleeves are maroon and the body is a medium grey.
I bought myself a black cable knit touque for the winter season.
My BFF also got me a pair of pink Argyle knee high socks from the Gap, she's keeping up with tradition I see. I received a pair of Argyle trouser socks from the Gap a couple years ago. I still have them. I'm excited to put on the pair of pyramid stud earrings from the brand nOir, they are so pretty.
3) Beauty & Fragrance. I went a little overboard with "self gifting" this year and also my BFF was very generous with her gifts too. Thank you ❤. I received a baked eye shadow palette from the Sephora Moonshadow collection in In the Tropics; it has beautiful shades of gold, green, peach, plums & deep purples.
 I bought myself 3 perfumes  but I must say I had to have them! First one is the Bvlgari Rose Essentielle,
 then it was the Zara Nuit
 and a solid jasmine perfume from Song of India by R. Expo India.
4) Gadgets & Tidbits. I really wanted to get back into a fitness routine. So I decided on getting a fitness tracker/pedometer of some sort. I got a Fitbit Flex and I'm loving it. I track my calorie intake, water consumption, it's got a pedometer and it even tracks my sleep pattern. Must I say it has a silent alarm? Come on now, what's not to love here? ❤
 Lately in the winter months my office has been very dry, so I bought a mini desk top humidifier that has a USB plug for myself. I think it works great. My skin feel less chapped.
5) Fitness & Gear. I bought myself a few things to get back into the fitness routine. A yoga block from Balance Collection,
Marika Resistance Tube
& a Balance disc.
I'm guessing my Fitbit Flex also falls into this category.

Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments below. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's.