Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015/01-04 Boxing Week Haul

Hello Everyone,

I'm back with a Boxing Week Haul post. I was a keener this year? Or should I say last year, on boxing day morning I checked the sales online and they were not that good. Must I say it seems like the sales were better before Christmas than after Christmas. Finally, after a week or week and a half long search for all the things that I wanted new or wanted to replace. I found a new winter jacket that I could wear for snowboarding as well as every day wear. The Columbia Peak Insulated Jacket in Blue. It has not arrived in the mail yet, but I'm sure going to love my bright blue coat. Columbia makes excellent quality clothing, I don't see why I wouldn't like this jacket, when I've loved many of their jackets in the past. I got this jacket for 50% off $75 CAD marked down from MSRP $150 CAD.

Also I wanted a pair of casual comfy boots for everyday wear so I went for the Firefly Suede boots, sort of like the Uggs but doesn't have the price of them. As I know I would wreck the Uggs from going snowboarding in the mountains. Something less expensive was the route I was going for. This was also 50% off for $45 CAD.

Also, found a new favourite sweatshirt from Vero Moda, it's got some interesting quilted paneling on the side of the hips and two zips at the front for esthetics purposes, you could unzip them, but I think it looks weird when you leave them unzipped. But that's just my opinon. I got this top 70% off for $20 CAD marked down from MSRP of $69 CAD.

Those were the only 3 items I purchased in the Sales of Boxing Week. Let me know in the comment box below what great "Buys" you got during the Boxing Week sales. Until next time, stay sharp and have a wonderful day :)