Friday, 12 July 2013

Music Review: Vivace

It was a real treat to experience the harmonies this quartet brings to the table. They hit the high notes and I was amazed by the baritone. This was the first time I've heard Tiffany sing live. But it was so amazing that this will certainly be a fantastic start to a new found love of mine. Being the consciously ontime type person that I am. We were the first ones there. We got a sneak peek of the last minute rehearsal.

I have been a big fan of Tiffany's since my last review of her independent music albums. I've gone gaga over the beautiful voice of hers. Finally early this year I learnt about her classical quartet named Vivace. I was mesmerized by their harmonies. The group consists of DJ Calhoun, Marc Devigne, Melody Mercredi & Tiffany Desrosiers herself.

I liked the mixture of different genres performed at the Vancouver Fan Club back in May. I was in awe when Melody started singing Creep by Radiohead. One of my absolutely faves but of course via Melody's twist of the song. Beautifully performed and captivated my attention.

Thank you Marc for performing your song Nothing. I loved it.

DJ Calhoun I very much enjoyed your funny comments throughout the night. It makes the show even more amazing than it already is.

Trevor Hoffmann brought life to the music he played on the piano. Music is your type of expression, a marvelous performance.

Last but never the least, Tiffany; I look forward to seeing you and Vivace perform again in the near future.

Bravo, bravo

Always a pleasure ~

Vivian ♡