Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beauty Review: Giovanni d:tox purifying facial cleanser

Hello Beauty Lovers around the globe. Today I have a review on a product that I've been using for just over 3 months now.

This cleanser does it's job. It removes makeup and grime. Washes away excess sebum. It however doesn't wash off waterproof eye makeup. It is genle enough for the eye area, but I find it doesn't wash off waterproof mascara. However, I think it does a decent job in removing my bb or cc cream, setting mineral powder, blush, bronzer, eye brow powder, eyeshadow and certain eyeliners.

It doesn't dry out your skin or make your skin feel tight. I recommend it for combination skin, oily or acne prone skin types.

As for this product claiming to detoxify, purify, balance and hydrate your skin. Hmmm... I could only agree with "balance," as you still need to tone and moisturize your skin afterwards.

I would buy this product again and recommend it as a budget friendly item.

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