Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gift cards, gift cards and gift cards are always a great gift idea. Does your coworker love coffee, tea or maybe even ice cream. You can always treat them to something they enjoy. Use your imagination, the options are endless.

Currently in my office we have a long term temporary assistant. I know he loves his Tim Horton's coffee and he has a sweet tooth. So I decided to get him a coffee gift card and four singles of gourmet hot chocolates for work. Some days our office can feel like a meat locker. So something to keep my coworker high on sugar and warm is a good idea ☺ (Tim Horton's gift card, Rolo hot chocolate ×2 & Coffee Crisp hot chocolate ×2)

My collegue, she likes home goods, scented lotions and etc. I decided to purchase a black cherry scented candle for her home. As we do have a scent free environment at work, something for home will be perfect.

A new mug with a handmade mug cozy for a coffee/tea lover.

A sweater for a dog lover's pet.

A Print for an Art Lover.