Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty: How to Hydrate Your Dry Ends

Now that we are transitioning into the cooler weather Autumn days. We need to prep our hair for the colder weather. Protect and treat your dry ends. Keeping your ends hydrated gives you a more polished look. 

A simple way to make your hair softer and more hydrated. By placing generous amounts of your favourite conditioner on your dry hair concentrating on the ends. Massage the ends of your hair with the warmth from your palms and fingers. When you have successfully covered all of your ends. Loosely braid your hair or swoop it up into a loose bun. I leave it in for an hour or more.

It's easy to do when you are watch TV too. In this tutorial blog I used Patene Pro-V Flat to Volume conditioner. It doesn't have to be a deep conditioning conditioner at all. We want quick and easy, light weight conditioners. I will do a separate blog post about deep conditioning. Three TV shows later you take a shower and rinse it all out. You've got luscious and soft locks. Voila :)