Friday, 7 December 2012

Travel & Lifestyle: Negril & Montego Bay, Jamaica

This was my first time in Jamaica and I must say I like it there. The weather is hot year round and the people are very friendly.

Negril was where I stayed. The beaches were clean and quiet. You can easily find a secluded area where you can kick back and read a book. I enjoyed meeting the local vendors, the artwork they sold was beautiful. I like supporting local artists.

Montego Bay seemed to be the nicer parish compared to Negril. A lot of our American and Canadian businesses exists here too. I heard there used to be McDonald's there. But they were all bought out by Burger King.

Shopping is moderate in this travel destination. There is not a lot of things you could buy other than liquor, cigars, local artwork and handmade jewellery. Blue Mountain coffee is also a superb choice for ones who enjoy a nice cup of joe.

I'm a fanatic for sandy beaches and warm weather. I've always enjoyed sunshine and tropical weather. I will definitely go back to Jamaica again. The local temperature does not fluctuate a lot. It is always in the 20c's to 30c's even when it is rainy season.

On the Beach, people watching and reading PLL's Flawless

Watching the sunset in Negril, Jamaica