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Travel Blog: San Francisco

Beautiful view of the Golden Gates

Hello All,

Just wanted to share some highlights of my trip to San Francisco. What a beautiful city it is! I can at last say that I've been here and seen it. Lovely Art and Architecture in this beautiful city with unpredictable weather.
San Francisco is Home to some of the most famous fashion bloggers in North America. I had to see it to believe it.

Ghirardelli Factory from far. Cable Car Can't remember what we ordered but it was darn good. Mine was the one on the left, it was some sort of lemon sorbet with ginger candy. I think Laysa ordered a mint chocolate sundae. Resting my legs after walking all day. A picture with the sculpture inside the Ghirardelli store. Laysa's ice cream sundae :) Picasso, SFMOMA SFMOMA SFMOMA SFMOMA Andy Warhol, SFMOMA Andy Warhol Self Portraits, SFMOMA SFMOMA I love this polka dot painting. I'm obsessed with dots! Laysa's drawing. My little drawing of Mr.Peanut. Goofing around with sculptures in SFMOMA. Psychedelic art from the DeYoung Museum Superman! Giant Safety Pin! Japanese Tea Garden next to the De Young Museum Egyptian Sculptures Petting a Lion Sculpture It's the famous Painted Ladies, you know the Full House house! Painted Ladies Yoshi's for dinner and a show. Drinks and me. Beautiful presentation of drinks at Yoshi's. I believe this was a crab and tuna tartar. Rhubarb Dessert. Look at the coffers in the ceiling of the Legion of Honor. They're beautiful. Photo #1 Caught on Candid Camera, you won't believe what I'm about to do. Photo #2 Beginning to lie back onto this bench. Photo #3 Lying down to take a picture of the beautiful ceiling. My messy bun at the Legion of Honor. The Mighty Hand, by Rodin, 1906 The Mighty Hand, by Rodin, 1906 Water Lilies, 1914-1917

On the way to Chinatown walking downhill. The Gates to Chinatown.
The Gates are guarded by these Lion figures on both sides of the gate.
Located outside of the gate is an antique looking Police Telephone, I wonder if it still works or not? Mary Queen of Scots, 1860-1869 Opposite to the Police Telephone is a Fire Bell. Interesting enough for me to take a picture! It took a long time for us to find the Fortune Cookie Factory, but we did find it in the end. Definitely need to check this museum out. It's really cool, you get to see the underground cables in action. Interesting street sign, never seen a Left Turn only sign before. Stairwell up to the Cable Car Museum from the street level. A Vintage farebox for the Cable Cars? Pretty cool. Cable Car Museum Cable Car Museum Museum of Craft & Design Museum of Craft & Design Wire Jelly Fish, Museum of Craft & Design Museum of Craft & Design Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Gift Store, love the crest! Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge Beautiful sunny day at the Golden Gate Bridge

Marie-Anne Carolus-Duran, 1874 Portrait of a Woman, 1900 Portrait of a Woman, 1900  Lombard Street from down below.  The famous curvy road. Lombard Street. Lombard Street and the beautiful blue flowers and blue house. On the way up to see the Coit Tower, nice view! Coit Tower

My BFF Laysa and I had a fantastic time in San Francisco. We loved the food and we convinced ourselves to ride the cable cars. Although, I refused to hang off the side, it was pretty safe to ride inside. Just try to stay away from the conductors/drivers/attendants (not sure what you call them). I did get hit a few times when they change lines, turn corners and etc. Grab a seat and you'll be fine. Also, when visiting you should get a citypass, you can ride the cable cars for free with the pass.

Hope you enjoyed the photos from our journey in San Francisco. My highlight was Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge & Yoshi's, I love the live music and fantastic Japanese food. Let me know if you have any other great spots to check out in San Francisco for my future travels in the comment box below.

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